Hello, world!

First blog posts are hard. Regular posts are the result of my inspiration–something which moved me to the point of sharing. First posts are more akin to that uncomfortable part of an interview where the candidate and the interviewer waste each other’s time on some sort of pitch. Let me get the pitch out of the way and explain who I am and why I created this blog.

I am an addict with frequent disconnects from reality. I live in a world of data diagrams, logic tables, circuit boards, and blinking lights. I tinker and solve problems. I dream audacious dreams and dedicate my life to making those dreams happen. I consider myself to be very good at what I do, but sometimes I find myself lost in my work. This is where you come in.

I learn many tips and tricks in my journey to 10,000 hours. But life has more important lessons than “always prefer a pre-increment operator over a post-increment operator;” there’s lessons like “object models which explicitly track their state machines tend to be more brittle, harder to test, and decay more quickly than other, more reactive, designs.” A tireless week of coding might give me a gut sense for one of these broader lessons, but articulating my thoughts tends to clarify them. So thank you, audience, for being my rubber duck. I thank you for participating in the post-mortem of my day-to-day career.